Spotlight on Science

Science is such a broad and interesting field, studying in this sector will open up a wide variety of challenging and exciting careers. Here at The Sheffield Sixth Form, we offer three different science pathways that\’ll enable you to take another step closer to your ideal profession. Having qualifications in science-related subjects creates a whole host of opportunities from doctoring to criminology, and your journey to one of these careers starts right here in Sheffield.

Forensic Science

This pathway includes a BTEC in Applied Science as well as an A Level in Criminology. Your Applied Science qualification will involve gaining a base knowledge of the three main science subjects; biology, chemistry and physics. This will equip you with the expertise to apply your learning to a more specific qualification later down the line, so you can sharpen your science skills with a really good level of understanding behind you. Our Criminology A Level includes units on changing awareness of crime, criminological theories, the process of crime scene to courtroom, and crime and punishment. Studying this subject could enable you to progress onto a degree in criminology and criminal justice, psychology, law, or sociology. You could even progress straight into employment in the National Probation Service, the Courts and Tribunals Service or the National Offender Management Service.

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The engineering pathway includes an A Level in Physics and an A Level in Chemistry. Your Chemistry A Level includes atomic structure, bonding, reactions with inorganic and organic chemistry, modern analytical techniques, and the link between chemistry and the environment. This subject could enable you to go on to study biochemistry, geology, astronomy, physics, or even engineering. Studying physics A Level will develop both your investigative and practical skills, as well as your rational thinking that will enable you to take on the ‘big picture’ in physics. You’ll study particles, quantum phenomena, electricity, mechanics, nuclear physics, medical imaging techniques, thermal physics, and astrophysics.

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Our Medical pathway includes A Levels in Chemistry and Biology, giving you a sound understanding of the science that\’ll enable you to progress into further study to train for a medical role such as a doctor, a nurse, a dentist, a physiotherapist and many more. Studying chemistry will enable you to apply for a number of university degrees as well as employment opportunities. After studying Chemistry A Level, you’ll be set up to pursue a degree course in medicine, biochemistry, dentistry, food science, or of course, chemistry. Focusing your further studies on this field could see you making medicine to fight cancer in the future, or developing new ice-cream flavours, creating make-up products, or protecting the environment. Your A Level Biology course will cover biological molecules, cell structure and membranes, osmosis, diffusion, the cardiovascular system, the gas exchange system, ecology and evolution, the nervous and hormonal systems, the biochemistry of respiration and photosynthesis, and genetics. Upon completion, you could go on to study pharmacology, nursing, medicine, biomedical science, or psychology, and your career opportunities include medicine, veterinary science, genetics, forensic science, ecology or even agriculture.

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When opting for one of these science pathways, you can also choose between physics, mathematics and psychology for your final A Level, enabling you to tailor your studies to your unique interests and ensure that your A Level experience perfectly fits your passions, whilst being relevant to your ambitions. Studying science will open up a vast range of opportunities for both further study and your future career. There are so many exciting possibilities in science, so if this is the sector for you, we’ve got the pathway that’ll set you up for success.

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