At The Sheffield Sixth Form, we have developed a range of new and exciting career pathways for you to choose to study from that sit across seven different sectors.

Each sector is made up of three distinct pathways that directly align to careers and different specialisms, and has a carefully selected collection of related A Level subjects that feed into each pathway. The subjects that we have selected for each sector are based on the skill sets that careers information, universities and employers are highlighting as the most important.

Students will choose one career pathway to study from the sector that interests them most. The career pathways each contain two pre-selected, complementary A Level subjects. Students will then choose their third A Level subject from the collection of related subjects in that sector.

This means that you will be studying subjects that perfectly complement each other, helping you to gain the knowledge and skills for a place at university and a successful career in the sector you choose.

Things to consider when choosing a career pathway to study

When choosing a pathway to study it might be useful to think about the following areas:

Your Interests

What are your ambitions? What are your strengths? What do you enjoy and like learning about?

Do Your Research

Look at the information on our Pathways on the college website to help you make an informed choice about your course of study.

Previous Experience

How might any volunteering or work experience be linked to your course choices?

Consider Your Career Path

You might not have thought about it but it’s important to consider your progression plans when deciding on your subject choices. Consider the careers information linked to each of the pathway choices on the website. You will find this in the ‘Where Does This Lead’ section for each A Level course.

How to apply for a career pathway

  • click the sector that has the most careers that interest you from the list below

  • choose one of our specialist career pathways from the sector

  • select one additional A Level to add to your pathway from the subjects at the bottom of the page

Typical entry requirements:

3 A Levels

5 GCSEs at grade 4 or higher, including English Language and Maths

Please note:

BTEC or vocational qualifications will not be accepted in place of GCSEs

International applicants must also have IELTS 6.0

Choose a career in…