Student support

At The Sheffield Sixth Form we have a fantastic Student Support Team who are always on hand to help you with any questions, concerns or problems that you might face with us. Our Student Support Team are based at Student Central at our City Campus and will help you with just about anything, including:

  • issues of a personal nature,

  • travel to and from college

  • financial support

  • in-class support,

  • support with exams

  • support with a learning or physical disability

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Careers advice

We know that the decisions you make now can help shape your future career and path to university.

As a student at The Sheffield Sixth Form, you will work closely with our Careers Team to help you plan your future.

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We do our best to support you through your studies, including with finances. We have a specialist support team who can give you all the advice you need, including what financial support might be available to you so that you don't go short during your studies.

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