Spotlight On Law

Law is an excellent field to study with, offering a wide range of opportunities once you’ve got your qualifications. You could end up becoming a lawyer or legal executive, but you could also help to set new policies, keep our communities safe, challenge evidence in court, or uphold the law itself.

Here at The Sheffield Sixth Form, you can study a career pathway in Policing or Law. Take a look below to explore the pathways and how they’ll set you up for a successful career in law.


Within the Policing pathway, you’ll study Film Studies and either Law or BTEC Law.

On your Film Studies A Level, you’ll explore all kinds of films, developing your observation skills, critical analysis, and personal reflection. You’ll also take part in storyboarding and developing films either in audio-visual or written form. You’ll delve into Classic Hollywood and New Hollywood, American film, British film, documentary film, silent cinema, and experimental film.

On your Law A Level or BTEC, you’ll learn about the English legal system and areas of both private and public law within England and Wales. You’ll develop the ability to construct conclusions, communicate legal arguments, and demonstrate critical awareness of the influence and operation of the law in society. You’ll explore the legal system, criminal law, law making, the Law of Tort, human rights, and the law of contract.


On the Lawyer pathway, you’ll study Psychology or BTEC Psychology and Law or BTEC Law.

On your Psychology A Level or BTEC, you’ll explore human behaviour, external influences, and research methods. You’ll also develop critical reasoning skills, learn to analyse and interpret data, and how to express your point of view. You’ll study stress, abnormality and how others affect our behaviour, and you could go on to study relationships, aggression, gender, mass media, psycho pathology, eating disorders, or schizophrenia.

For both of these pathways, you’ll also be able to pick one final A Level from the following: 

  • Business Studies

  • Criminology

  • History

  • Sociology

  • Psychology or BTEC Psychology

  • Politics

Studying on one of these pathways could lead you to an exciting career in law. Our pathways are designed to set you up for just that. Once you’ve completed your A Level pathway, you’ll be able to apply to university or take on an Apprenticeship, depending on your career aspirations.

Whatever you decide to pursue, our tutors and support staff are here to set you on your dream career path.

Apply now to start your journey to a career in law this September.