How to choose the right A Level Pathway for your future career aspirations

Here at The Sheffield Sixth Form, we know that so many young people already have their sights set on which sector they’d love to work in. That’s why we’ve set up our A Levels a little differently. We wanted you to be able to easily pursue the career you’re most interested in, so we’ve created 21 pathways across seven sectors, enabling you to pinpoint your passion and set to work on achieving your ambitions.

Select your sector

We’ve categorised our A Level pathways into seven different sectors; business, writing, creative arts, technology, science, social science, and law. Find out a little more about each sector below and select the one that piques your interest and makes you feel excited for your future career prospects.


A career in business could mean management, finance, law, marketing, or even becoming an entrepreneur. In one of our pathways under this sector, you’ll learn about risk-taking, planning, media, finances, marketing, business management, and entrepreneurship, enabling you to hone your business skills for your dream career.


Exploring this sector could offer a career in journalism, authorship, editing, and teaching to name a few. By studying an A Level pathway under this sector, you’ll learn writing skills, the theory behind the language, and how best to apply those skills to effectively engage your desired audience.

Creative Arts

Pursuing the creative arts means you could land a career in photography, film, design or even artistry. Studying one of our A Level pathways in this sector will enable you to understand the theory of your practice, develop your own style, create a number of pieces and exhibit your work.


Software development, app writing, artificial intelligence, coding, and cyber security are just some of the careers you can achieve in this exciting industry. You’ll learn skills in mathematics, computer languages, problem solving, and much, much more in this ever-evolving pathway.


Career opportunities are rife in this sector, with possibilities such as nursing, investigation, engineering, medicine or policing. You’ll be able to gain knowledge in chemistry, physics, biology, as well as maths, psychology and criminology in order to gain the qualifications you need to excel in this field.

Social Science

Studying within this pathway will uncover opportunities within politics, teaching, business, and social work, plus many more besides. You’ll study people and how they operate as individuals, communities and societies, as well as how they govern us historically, and now, and you’ll also delve into geopolitics and studies of the world.


You could become a lawyer studying in this pathway, and you could also become a police officer, a solicitor, a government official, a charity worker, as well as many other possibilities. You’ll master the art of debate, not to mention psychology, criminology, business, and sociology to set you up for success in this sector.

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Pick a Pathway

Within each of these exciting sectors sit three interesting and very different pathways for you to choose from, each one leading you towards a career in your chosen specialism. Each pathway highlights two A Levels that you’ll need to take as well as several options for your third A Level. This gives you the knowledge and reassurance that your A Level choices are steering you towards success in your chosen sector, whilst also giving you the freedom and flexibility to tailor your A Level experience to your unique skill set and interests.


Business Management Pathway

Entrepreneurship Pathway

Social Media Management Pathway


Creative Writing Pathway

English & Communication Pathway

Journalism Pathway

Creative Arts

Creative Design Pathway

Design & Media Pathway

Media Pathway


Digital Animation Pathway

Computing Pathway

Digital Pathway


Engineering Pathway

Forensic Science Pathway

Medical Pathway

Social Science

Governments Pathway

Society Studies Pathway

World Studies Pathway


Social Policing Pathway

Law & Policing Pathway

Lawyer Pathway

Whichever options you choose, you can be sure that you’re learning valuable skills that’ll lead you towards a flourishing career in your chosen field.

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