Spotlight on Writing

Exploring the writing sector could offer a career in journalism, authorship, editing, and teaching to name a few. By studying one of our three A Level pathways under this sector at The Sheffield Sixth Form, you’ll learn writing skills, the theory behind the language, and how best to apply those skills to effectively engage your desired audience.


English and Communications

This pathway includes an A Level in English Language and an A Level in English Literature. Your English Language course will explore the use of language in advertisements, newspaper articles, short stories, speech transcripts, letters, travel writing, and more. Throughout your studies, you’ll learn analysis and different writing styles that’ll enable you to meet the needs of specific audiences. Beyond this, you’ll study language change, gender, accent and dialect, teen sociolect, and child language development. You’ll delve into the ways that people, events, places, and cultures are represented in the language used by the media, alongside stereotyping and influencing.

As part of your English Literature course, you’ll develop your reading, writing, and analytical ability alongside your communication, problem solving, and team building skills. You’ll look at the way writers shape meaning through form, structure, and language, as well as how texts relate to their historical and social contexts. You’ll explore Shakespere, prose, poetry, and drama, and you’ll have the opportunity to work with chosen texts that you truly enjoy.

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On the Journalism pathway, you’ll study A Levels in English Language and Business Studies. An English Language A Level will equip you with knowledge surrounding individual language choices, diversity and change, and will also include a language investigation project as well as original writing and commentary. Upon completion of this course, you’ll have a great academic foundation for further study in English Language, English Literature, linguistics, speech and language therapy, journalism, or creative writing, allowing you to progress into a career in teaching, journalism, or law, and beyond.

Our Business Studies A Level will cover what businesses do and how they do it, what factors are likely to make businesses successful, and practical information about the legal and financial requirements of the business world. You’ll delve into planning and financing a business, as well as techniques for efficient management, strategies for business success, the environment in which businesses operate and how they manage change. You’ll get to experience guest speakers, and visits to businesses that’ll enable you to apply your knowledge to real life business settings. Studying this course will open up opportunities in sales, accounting, management, public relations, and entrepreneurship.

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Creative Writing

A Creative Writing Pathway at The Sheffield Sixth Form includes an A Level in English Literature and an A Level in History. Your English Literature course will allow you to develop your enquiring mind and your literary debate skills, and is ideal for students who enjoy writing and reading all types of novels, plays, and poetry. Studying our History A Level will allow you to explore your interest in the past and your appreciation of the importance of history in the contemporary world. You’ll develop your understanding of the controversial nature of history and your skills of historical enquiry. This course delves into German history from 1918 to 1989, Italian history from 1911 to 1946, as well as the study of British warfare from 1790 to 1918. Being highly regarded qualifications, studying this pathway will provide opportunities to study history or English Literature as single subjects or in combination with others at a number of universities across the country. You’ll then be able to progress into a career in law, journalism, theatre, teaching, business, or public service.

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When you choose to study one of these Writing Pathways, you’ll also be able to choose another final A Level to complement your studies and ensure your learning journey is unique to your own personal interests. Your third A Level could be any of the following:

  • Media Studies
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Film Studies
  • Photography

Developing your writing skills through one of these pathways will open up a range of exciting opportunities in a number of fascinating fields of study and work. From theatre to law, your career aspirations can be made possible, starting with a Writing Pathway at The Sheffield Sixth Form.

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