What combination of A Levels should I study? These are some of our favourite matches!

Join us at The Sheffield Sixth Form, home of A Levels at The Sheffield College. We provide an exciting subject offer with over 18 different A Levels for you to choose from!

We know that picking the right combination of A Levels may seem a little stressful so that’s why we’re here to recommend our favourites.

The one for the fans of crime documentaries


If you love a good crime documentary and putting your investigative skills to the test, this combination of A Levels would be perfect as they all involve crime and deviance, making them perfect to study alongside one another. However, you don’t have to choose all three, you can mix them up with other subjects of your choice. Students in the past have also studied Law alongside them above as a fourth subject.

The one for scientists of the future


The perfect group of subjects to study if you’re after a career in medicine and science. You can either study all four or just three of these subjects depending on the career path you wish to take. Other future opportunities could include veterinary science, genetics, forensics, ecology and epidemiology.

The one for keeping your options open

English Language

The beauty of studying A Levels is that you get the opportunity to follow multiple passions, across a variety of industries that interest you the most.

If you aren’t 100% sure on the career path you want to take yet and want to keep your options open, we recommend choosing A Levels that you can apply to a variety of settings.

Studying a combination like this gives you the opportunity to progress your career into a variety of job roles from sports journalist, to football coach to a director of marketing for a sports agency.

The ones our students are currently doing

Of course, you don’t have to go with what we say, it’s your future after all but here are some other combinations chosen by our current and former students:

History, Geography and Sociology/English
Business and/or Politics, Economics and Maths
Fine Art, Media, and Photography

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Top tips to consider when choosing your A Levels:

  1. Choose what you’re interested in. A Levels last for two years, so it’s important to choose subjects that you’re passionate about.
  2. Think about what it is that you want to study at university. As well as UCAS points, some universities set requirements for A Level grades and include additional requirements, such as A Level-specific subjects, so it is important that you plan ahead.
  3. Choose subjects that complement one another. This will help you develop a more rounded and thorough understanding of all subjects.
  4. Keep your options open! It's completely fine if you don't know what you want to study next. A Levels are great for keeping your options open by choosing a variety of different subjects, just make sure you think about studying what you’re interested in and what you’re good at

We hope this helps to give you a bit more of an idea of the A Levels we offer and how you can study them.

To view our full range of subjects take a look at our Sixth Form Guide. We’ve also recently introduced A Levels in Computer Science, Economics, Politics and Physical Education.