How will CV-19 affect my A Level Results?

You probably have a lot of questions about how coronavirus will affect your A Level Results.

In case you’ve not already heard, Ofqual have recently released an update for all GCSE, AS and A Level students who were due to sit an exam this summer. Click here to view their full update. 

Below is a summary of what to do in preparation for receiving your qualifications.  

Getting your results 

The good news is, you will still receive your grades this summer. Your grades will be based on what your tutor had predicted for you and the work you have done previously, and whilst working remotely. Your tutor will be able to give you more information about this.  

We are still considering how’s best to get your results to you, whether that be by post or email. The details are still being worked out but you will be contacted as soon as a decision has been made.  

Will it affect going to university? 

  • Do I need to contact my university once my results are released? – UCAS will update as normal once results have been finalised. 
  • If you’re one of our sixth form students and are planning to progress on to one of our Higher Education courses we still have places and are making conditional offers based on our entry criteria. 
  • If you choose to study on one of our Higher Education courses, you will experience bonuses such as: 
  • Smaller class sizes than at university – this allows more one to one time with your tutor, allowing you to get the support that you need.  
  • High levels of support – many of our tutors have real work experience from out in industry so they can teach you the skills you need as well as knowledge. 
  • Progressing on to university or work in your chosen industry. 

We will be contacting all applicants with information from their course teams and we will be sending out enrolment details soon.  

Support and guidance 

  • If you have any worries or concerns please speak to your tutor. 
  • You can also contact our Careers Team for support and guidance if you’re unsure of what you want to do next!